A new start

A new start

It's been nearly two years since I started my mental health journey. Somewhere along the way, I took up journaling as a tool to get my thoughts out amidst an exhausting work-home life where I split my time between two full time jobs: project manager by day, single parent by night (well… mornings too).

After look back at some of the previous journal entries and the themes I've written about, I noticed that I’ve begun to lose sight of the things I enjoy doing most in my (now very limited) free time. The passions and interests that I’ve held close to me, from childhood to adulthood.

I started to write down what some of those were, and the list quickly grew to over a dozen and counting—the majority of them channeling my thirst for creativity and learning. Two of those passions include writing and photography, the latter of which I took up as a hobby in high school. This blog is a combination of those passions, where I’ll be sharing my experiences, adventures, and learnings—including all of the highs and lows—through my own lens and words.

My hope is that one day I can look back at this blog and reminisce about all of the experiences that helped me become a stronger person. Maybe my daughter will read it too one day, when she gets old enough!

To be continued… 🍻